The Dranetz DranXperT PQ detector & power logger is also compatible with industry standard environmental and other sensors, transducers, alarms, and meters with pulse outputs.

Two DranXperT models are available:

  1. PQ detector, power & energy logger without sensor inputs (standard 3V, 4I inputs)
  2. PQ detector, power & energy logger with additional sensor inputs:
    • 3V, 4I inputs
    • 4 analog inputs: Configurable as 0-10V or 4-20ma
    • 2 digital inputs: 30Vdc max
    • GPS for time synchronization & location

The DranXperT sensor model can perform condition based metering, logging and limit triggering of any compatible sensor/transducer, such as temperature, humidity, RPM, flow and more. The digital inputs enable the monitoring of alarms, breaker positions, contacts, etc. Pulse metering is also available to measure meters with pulse outputs, such as water, gas, electricity and any other compatible meter.

Sensor monitoring is independent of power & energy monitoring. It’s your choice to monitor power & energy only, sensors only, or both simultaneously.

DranXperT’s Features & Benefits
> RMS PQ Disturbance detector to 1 cycle
> Highly accurate power & energy logging
> Analog & digital inputs (optionally available)
> Web browser enabled
> Dran-View 7 compatible
> Automatic wiring verification
> 7hr battery
> An exceptional value!DranXperT includes free (unlicensed) Dran-View 7 XP software that only works with DranXpert. For users of our full Dran-View Pro & Enterprise software, DranXperT support is included at no additional charge. Use one software with all of your portable Dranetz instruments!