EV chargers are popping up all over. Like other loads, EV chargers must be safely installed and the electrical circuit needs to have the available capacity for the additional load(s).

DranXperT is a low cost versatile NEC 220.87 compliant tool. It is ideally suited to both determining the available circuit capacity prior to the installation of EV charger or other loads and to understand the load profile afterwards. Its unique PQ monitoring capabilities can also identify PQ problems that can affect the reliability and uptime of EV chargers and other loads.

DranXperT’s Features & Benefits
> Highly accurate power & energy logging
> RMS PQ disturbance detector to 1 cycle
> NEC 220.87 compliant
> Web browser enabled
> Free Dran-View Pro software
> Automatic wiring verification
> 7hr battery
> An exceptional value!


In the US, NEC 220.87 load studies are often required to determine the available capacity when adding loads to existing feeders, circuits, etc. Maximum demand data is needed, and in accordance with NEC 220.87, a common method to obtain this information is by doing a 30 day load survey. Regardless if you are in the US, the capacity of the circuit needs to be known before installing EV chargers and other loads.

Upon completion of the load survey, free Dran-View 7 Pro software can quickly and easily show the maximum demand and/or amperage measured during the power survey, as well as any PQ events that were detected. Use one software with all of your portable Dranetz instruments!

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