DV Power has finalized the development of a new product – current and voltage transformer analyzer CVA500. The instrument is available for purchase now, with a standard shipping time of 4-6 calendar weeks.

CVA500 is specially designed for testing winding resistance, turns ratio, polarity, knee point, burden, and insulation resistance of current transformers (CTs). It allows one-time connection to all CT measurement terminals including primary side, up to 5 taps on secondary side, and burden. An internal sophisticated relay matrix enables performing all above-mentioned measurements in all taps without any operator intervention and cables reconnection.

Besides testing CTs, it can also test winding resistance, turns ratio, polarity, burden, and insulation resistance of inductive voltage transformers (VTs) and capacitive voltage transformers (CVTs).

The instrument is equipped with a 10.1” graphical touch screen display. Test preparation, test execution, and results analysis can be performed with a standalone device, without the need for PC use. Test templates can be prepared in the office, and tests in the field can be performed with just a few clicks.