DV-Power have announced their latest Handheld device – the RMO-EH Series.

The RMO-EH, battery-powered, and handheld micro-ohmmeter is the unique solution on the market manufactured for low (mΩ) resistance
measurement. It is designed to provide fast, repeatable, and accurate measurements, where non-inductive resistance is checked during
factory, maintenance, and commissioning inspections or testing in high-induction field environments.

Inspection of the wind turbines’ lightning protection systems, continuity of the grounding grids, bonding tests of the onboard aircraft electrical systems, and many other tests, are now possible with this small handheld device.

The battery-powered RMO-EH device is the ideal solution for electrical substations and other facilities in which the availability of power supply is limited or when the lightweight, handheld, and easily portable test set is required.

The RMO-EH supports long test leads (up to 200 m on the reel), and test currents up to 10 A.

It has a very user-friendly interface (1-click test). This is achieved with an intuitive keyboard, menu design, and remote-control probe with a test button.

It is designed to provide fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements even in electrically noisy environments.

Full product details and datasheet here.