AEMC 5233 DMM (TRMS, 6000-cts, V, A, AC/DC, F, Ohm, T, NCV)

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Datasheet - AEMC - 5233


The Model 5233 is a rugged, economical TRMS digital multimeter with a function for non-electrical contact testing (NCV) function for detecting live electrical circuits. This multimeter is designed for safety: IEC61010, 600V CAT IV. The Multimeter Model 5233 provides a Volt, Ohm, Continuity, Diode, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle and Ammeter function, as well as an AC voltmeter with low input impedance that is capable of finding ghost voltages by adding a burden to the circuit. It can measure up to 10 Amps directly and can measure temperature in both °C or °F using K-type thermocouples.

The rotary function switch provides two OFF positions (OFF and OFF NCV). While in the OFF NCV position, the display will turn red if placed close to a live cable, providing a safe and easy way to detect hot wires. This meter has a high sensitivity with a resolution of 0.01mV and can withstand overloads up to 8000V.

The Model 5233 is ideal for electrical installers, electricians and heating or air-conditioning specialists.

  • #2125.65
  • 4-digit TRMS multimeter
  • 6000-count +61 segment bargraph
  • Voltage AC/DC 6 ranges/60mV to 1000V; Resolution: 0.01mV
  • Current AC/DC 2 ranges/ 6 to 10A; Resolution: 0.001A
  • Resistance 6 ranges/ 60Mohms; Resolution 0.1ohms
  • Frequency 3 ranges up to 3kHz/Duty Cycle
  • Capacitance 6 ranges 1000 micro-Farads; Resolution 0.01nF
  • Temperature -20 to 760 degrees Celsius; Resolution 1 degrees
  • Continuity with Beeper
  • Diode test
  • Non Contact Voltage detection with Red display
  • High sensitivity with a resolution of 0.01mV
  • AC voltmeter with low input impedance (voltage measurements for electricity and electrical engineering)
  • AC/DC voltmeter with high input impedance (voltage measurements for electronics)
  • Ohmmeter, Continuity test with buzzer, Diode test and Capacitance functions
  • Frequency and Duty Cycle measurements
  • Withstands overloads up to 8000V
  • VLowZ function detects the presence of ghost voltage by placing a burden on the circuit
  • Multi-position mounting for a hands-free work environment
  • IEC/EN 61010-1, 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV
  • IP54
  • Thermocouple adapter included


  • General purpose testing
  • Detect loose electrical wiring
  • Detect live circuits
  • Temperature checking