AEMC 606 (TRMS, 2000AAC/3000ADC, 1200VAC/1700VDC, Ohms, Phase Rotation Continuity, Power, THD)

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Elevate your electrical testing capabilities with the TRMS Power Clamp-on Meter Model 606, a cutting-edge tool designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning professionals. This versatile meter boasts an impressive range of measurement capabilities, including AC voltage up to 1200 V, DC voltage up to 1700 V, current measurement up to 2000 AAC and 3000 ADC, and active power up to 2400 kW AC and 5100 kW DC.

The Model 606 goes beyond traditional diagnostics to offer features like current measurement, harmonics analysis, phase rotation indication, True InRush® and the innovative PV Characteristics Analysis, making it indispensable for solar power system maintenance and optimization.

Unmatched Safety and Durability for Demanding Environments

Safety is paramount when working with electricity, and the TRMS Power Clamp-on Meter Model 606 doesn’t compromise on this crucial aspect. With its safety rating of 1000 V CAT IV and 1500 V CAT III, you can operate confidently in even the most demanding electrical environments. Its IP54 rating ensures resilience against dust and water spray, making it ideal for harsh industrial settings.

Ergonomic Design for Effortless One-Handed Operation

The TRMS Power Clamp-on Meter Model 606 prioritizes user-friendliness, featuring an ergonomic design that allows for effortless one-handed operation. Easily navigate function selection and button pushing, even with gloves on.

Functionality for Comprehensive Electrical Analysis

Beyond the standard measurements of volts, amps, frequency, resistance, diode checking, and continuity, the Model 606 offers a suite of unparalleled functions, including:

  • True InRush® for capturing motor start-up currents
  • Delta relative function for tracking changes in measurements
  • Phase rotation indication for ensuring proper wiring connections
  • Comprehensive power measurements for analyzing energy consumption