AEMC 6474 GroundFlex & Pacific Test Equipment -Kit

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Datasheet - AEMC - 6472 - 6474


  • Standard 6472 earth tester with GroundFlex option for tower and structure testing
  • Measures earth resistance of towers and structures with up to 4 legs with independant earth connected
  • Supplied with 4 x 5 metre Rogowski coils accommodating structures up to 1.5m diameter
  • Supplied with Pacific Test 100/50m kit in two canvas bags
AEMC’s GroundFlex® Field Kit includes the GroundFlex® Adapter Model 6474 and Ground Resistance Tester Model 6472. This is the ONLY system on the market capable of testing ground resistance of individual power transmission tower legs, as well as total resistance without disconnecting the overhead ground wire – this alone is a huge time and money saver, not to mention a major safety improvement. Key features include testing both ground resistance of tower legs (individually and total) and overhead ground wires. This system tests leakage current through the tower legs and tests at frequencies up to 5kHz to profile impedance, which is important to characterize for lightning strikes.

The 6472 distinguishes itself from other portable earth testers in that it has a test current of up to 250mA improving its ability to make accurate and repeatable measurements in poor soil conditions as frequently encountered in Australia.

The AEMC 6472 Earth Tester is several earth testers in one. It allows the user to perform all necessary earth measurements comprising:

  • Earth Resistance of an isolated electrode
  • Earth Resistance of a connected electrode without disconnection by the Selective method
  • Earth Resistance of a connected electrode without disconnection by the Stakeless method
  • Soil Resistivity directly in Ohm-m by either the Wenner or Schlumberger methods
  • Earth Bond Resistance (milli-ohmmeter)
  • External AC and DC voltage measurement
The 6474/6472-AU is an Australian derivation of the standard European & US 6474/6472 GroundFlex kit, developed in co-operation with Australian Power utilities and includes:
1. 4x GroundFlex 5m sensors
2. 50/25m test leads on A-frame reel for fast roll out and rewind. (100/50m optional)
3. 4x Stainless steel helical stakes for strength, corrosion resistance and superior ground contact
4. 2x Connecting leads and crocodile clips Cat 4, 600V
5. 2x Connecting and CT leads 4m in length to reach pole transformer test points from ground
6. 2x Heavy duty canvas bags accommodating instrument & accessories.
7. 1x 6472/6474 Connection lead
8. 6x BNC extension leads
9. 2x C-clamps
10. 1x Optical USB cable
11. 1x Power adaptor and Australian power cord
12. USB Stick with DataView software & User manual for set up, data storage, real time display, analysis, report generation and system configuration
13. Calibration certificates
14. Optional 100kA fused bridging lead with insulation piercing connectors for safe stakeless testing of HV earths when not bonded to LV earth.
15. Optional 2 x SR182 Current Probes for 2-clamp (stakeless method)

Ground measurement on towers with ground cable

High-voltage lines are usually equipped with a ground cable to allow lightning to discharge to ground via the tower. As all the towers are all connected to this conductor, all the tower’s resistances are in parallel. This means it is impossible to measure tower resistance using traditional 3-Point methods unless the ground cable is disconnected, which is a dangerous and time-consuming operation.

Automatic recognition and display of input connections to match test

The connections are displayed and flash if incorrect or absent for the test selected.