AEMC – CA1727 – Tachomoeter

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Category: Brand: AEMC


  1. Non-contact measurement, modulated infrared beam, mechanical adapter (converts rotation speed into pulses), measures to 100,000 rpm, software
    Provides multiple functions and automatic routines for data acquisition and storage including measurement of rotational speed, linear speed, count, frequency, and period with measurements up to 100,000 rpm. Software included.

    • Measures rotation speed with or without contact
    • Measurements of up to 100,000 rpm
    • Functions: Rotational speed, linear speed,count, frequency & period
    • Digital display with analog bargraph
    • Memory 4000 results
    • USB interface for PC processing results
    • TachoGraph Software
    • Includes Hard Case, FRB F connector, 9V battery, set of 15 reflective strips, USB cable, TachoGraph software, quick start guide & user manual
    • Optional mechanical kit available – mechanical adaptor, calibrated wheel, conical end fitting & cylindrical end fitting