AEMC DL913 – 3-Channel, TRMS, MINIFLEX® 300/3000 A, Wi-Fi, DataView®

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The Data Logger Model DL913 is a 3-channel AC current data logger with three integral flexible current sensors. Each sensor is 24 inches long and capable of wrapping around a 7.64-inch conductor. The DL913 has two measurement ranges of up to 300 and 3000 Amps. Both the data logger housing and the current sensors are water resistant rated to IP 67. A selection of data storage modes, as well as data sampling rates is user programmable through the DataView® software included with the unit. However, most of the setup can also be done from the keypad and LCD display on the instrument. The measurements are stored in internal nonvolatile memory. Data storage rates as fast as once per second.

Communication is done through a USB port or wireless Wi-Fi and it is powered by two rechargeable NiMH batteries. The instrument can also be externally powered through the USB plug.

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