AEMC – FlexProbe 24-3001 – AC Current Probe 300/3000A

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The FlexProbe® Model 24-3001 is a low cost AC current measurement probe designed to plug into digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and power recorders. The Model 24-3001 is composed of a flexible sensor and an electronic module with a 14″ double insulated cable. The flexible sensor is designed to fit around large or small conductors and is capable of getting into tight or difficult spaces. It is ideal for measuring AC current in a group of conductors.

  • AC current measurement probe
  • Sensor length 610mm
  • Cable length 2m
  • Dual measurement range 300/3000A AC
  • Read amperage directly on DMM display
  • Accuracy of 1% in reading 500mA
  • Banana plugs with 355mm lead
  • up to 150 hours battery life
  • CAT IV, 600V