AEMC – JM813 – AC Current Probe 1 to 2400A

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The JM813 is a high performance AC Current Probe with excellent transformation and low phase shift. The high quality magnetic core and uniform windings provide for accurate measurements up to 3600AAC. The “squared” jaw permits multiple conductor or bus bar positionings. Provide excellent TRMS capabilities and reliable signal reproduction.

  • Current range of 1 to 2400Arms AC
  • Output signal 1mAAC / AAC (3A @ 3000A)
  • Transformation ratio 3000:3
  • Two standard banana output jacks (4mm)
  • Low phase shift for power instruments
  • Fits Max Conductor size 64mm
  • Fits Bus bar 50 x 135mm, 64 x 100mm
  • CAT III, 600V