AEMC JM861 – AC Current Probe 1 to 30A, 1 to 300A, 1 to 3000A, BNC

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The Model JM861 is designed for oscilloscopes, waveform displaying instruments and other instruments able to benefit from its frequency response. The Model JM861 encompasses a special circuit and three ranges to maximize frequency response performance. Accurately measures AC current waveforms and has proportional mV output for direct readings on oscilloscopes. Three-position slide switch on the handle selects ranges. Large jaw window enables use on cables and bus bars.

  • Current range of 1 to 30A, 1 to 300A, 1 to 3000Arm AC
  • Output signal10mVAC / AAC (0.3V @ 30A); 1mVAC / AAC (0.3V @ 300A); 0.1mVAC / AAC (0.3V @ 3000A)
  • Insulated 6.5 ft (2m) coaxial cable with insulated BNC connector rated 600Vrms
  • Low phase shift for power instruments
  • Fits Max Conductor size 64mm
  • Fits Bus bar 50 x 135mm, 64 x 100mm
  • CAT III, 600V