AEMC PR-1A Phase Rotation Meter

$223.00 AUD

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Datasheet - AEMC - PR-1A


The Phase Rotation Meter Model PR-1A is a compact and rugged meter designed to identify phase sequence on three-phase systems and identify open/de-energized phases. The Model PR-1 is ideal for installing rotating machinery, motors and for checking generator output. It is EN 61010, 600V Cat. III rated and fuse protected.

  • #2128.69 Exclusive Australian model to Pacific Test Equipment
  • Input voltage 100-600V AC
  • Frequency range 45-70Hz
  • Includes 3 attached 2.4m fused leads in Australian standard phase colours
  • Interchangeable probes and crocodile clips
  • Optional magnetic back


  •  Phase rotation (ABC or BAC) LED indicators
  •  Bright LED indication of Live or Open Phase (A, B, C)
  •  Fuse protected inputs
  •  Double insulated case
  •  Colour-coded 2.4m leads and alligator clips
  •  Permanently attached loss-proof leads
  •  Tangle proof lead separators
  •  Simple operation
  •  Line powered — no battery
  •  600V Cat III


  •  Identify proper phase sequence
  •  Detect missing wire phases
  •  Find open or blown phases
  •  Determine proper connections for rotating machinery
  •  Detect live circuits