Amptec Research – 620UK-B

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  • Intrinsically safe ohmmeter.
  • The AMPTEC 620UK-B bonding ohmmeter is an affordable, highly accurate, and intrinsically safe electrical bond tester. This meter is capable of performing bond measurements on a variety of components and metal-to-metal connections. The 620UK-B has been independently UL-913 certified, ensuring quality and safety at each step of manufacturing. Due to its safety certifications and high level of accuracy, the 620UK-B meter is the choice bond tester for countless USAF maintenance wings, while its sibling the 620LK is used by many commercial airliners.
  • Range 200 mΩ 2 Ω
    Nominal Current 100 mA 100 mA
    Resolution .01 mΩ .1 mΩ
    Accuracy ± .025% of reading & range ± .025% of reading & range
  • Terminal Trident Display 4 1/2 digit LCD
    Update 1 reading per 3 seconds Power 4ea AA 1.5 VDC alkaline batteries
    Weight 3 lbs. Dimensions 7.69″ x 7.56″ x 3″
    Max. Internal Voltage 5 VDC Open Circuit ~5 VDC
    Operating Temperature Range -20° to 50° C Storage Temperature Range -40° to 75° C
    Temperature Coefficient ± .0025% per 1° C Max. Input Voltage 250 VDC