Cropico MTS2 Milliohmmeter Test Standard 400uOhm to 400KOhm

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Datasheet - Cropico MTS

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Milliohmmeter 4 Terminal Test Standards MTS

The Milliohmmeter Test Standards are designed for the simple and easy calibration of low resistance ohmmeters and Kelvin / Thomson bridges. The true four terminal resistance values are switch selected and provision is made for + and – full scale values. A four terminal zero value may also be selected, thus making zero and full scale calibration of instruments simplicity itself.

Three models are available, the MTS1A which has 11 values from 1mΩ to 100kΩ and the MTS2 has 10 values from 400µΩ to 400kΩ, making it ideally suited for the calibration of digital instruments with a long scale length of 4,000 or 6,000 count. The MTS3 is designed for easy calibration for units such as the Cropico DO7010, where a pulsed current is produced. The test standards are housed in a rugged bench portable aluminium case with tilt handle. The internal standards are manufactured from premium quality resistance wire with low temperature and load coefficients. The units are supplied complete with a calibration certificate.

  • Milli-ohmmeter Test Standard
  • 4 Terminal Resistance
  • Switch selected values
  • Polarity reversal switch
  • 4 terminal zero selection
  • 10 values from 400 micro-ohm to 400 Kohm
  • Durable aluminium case with tilt handle
  • Calibration Certificate included


Resistance Value Uncertainty of Adjustment @ 20°C Watts Max W Current Max A Typical Temp Coefficient
400kΩ ±0.01% 0.1 0.45mA <10ppm
40kΩ ±0.01% 0.1 1.5mA <10ppm
4kΩ ±0.01% 0.1 5mA <10ppm
400Ω ±0.01% 0.1 15mA <10ppm
40Ω ±0.01% 0.1 50mA <10ppm
±0.01% 0.1 150mA <10ppm
400mΩ ±0.01% 0.1 500mA <10ppm
40mΩ ±0.01% 0.1 1.5A <10ppm
4mΩ ±0.1% 0.4 10A <10ppm
400μΩ ±0.1% 0.04 10A <10ppm

Technical Specifications

Technical specification
Working Temperature +5 to +40°C
Storage Temperature +5 to +50°C
Dimensions 215mm x 88mm x 250mm (W H D) approx
Mass 2.8kg approx
Terminal 4mm binding posts will accept spade tags and 4mm banana plugs. Low thermal E.M.F. types are used for the potential terminals
Switches Combination switch with low thermal contacts for the potential selection and low resistance contacts for the current selection