Dranetz – HDPQ-DN Advanced Power Quality Instruments

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Datasheet - Dranetz - HDPQ-DN

Datasheet - Dranetz - HDPQ-DN Packages


Dranetz HDPQ-DN –Enhanced Dranetz HDPQ Monitoring Technology for Fixed Systems

Includes DNP3 communications and fully compliant with IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 Class A

The Dranetz HDPQ DataNode (HDPQ-DN) takes our industry leading Dranetz HDPQ monitoring and communications technology to fixed systems. Building on the Dranetz HDPQ Portable and SP instruments, the HDPQ-DN is the 3rd instrument in the Dranetz HDPQ family. The HDPQ-DN is perfect for your new system, or as an upgrade or replacement for the 61000 (61STD), and is fully compatible with PQView DE (supersedes ESS), PQView® and Dran-View 7 software.

4 models available to meet any circuit connection need

IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 Class A compliant
Add to existing Encore Systems, or as a 61000 upgrade/replacement
Direct replacement for the 61000 (61STD) – Reuse all mounting hardware, pods, etc.
Instrument call back
PQDIF data storage



  • Channels: (4), differential inputs, AC/DC
  • Sampling: 512 samples/cycle, 16 bit A/D, synchronous sampling
  • Range: 1-600 Vac/dc
  • Full Scale Accuracy: 0-600V, +/-0.1% of reading, <40V +/-0.5%FS
  • Frequency: 16/20Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Harmonics: Per IEC 61000-4-7, individual harmonics to the 127th
  • Input impedance: 10MΩ to ground


  • Channels: (4), differential inputs, AC/DC
  • Sampling 512 samples/cycle, 16 bit A/D
  • Range: Model & CT dependent. 1.5Vrms FS, 5A or 1A
  • Accuracy: 0.1% reading. Does not include CT
  • Harmonics: Per IEC 61000-4-7, individual harmonics to the 63rd

DIGITAL INPUT (optional)

  • Range: 0 – 200VDC
  • 1KHZ sampling, Edge or level triggered,
  • Logic programmed by user (active high or active low)
  • Time stamped to the millisecond
  • Screw terminals


  • HDPQ-DN-MVS: Screw terminals for voltage and current
  • HDPQ-DN-MZP: Pod connections for use with Dranetz voltage and current pods
  • HDPQ-DN-MVB: Safety connectors for voltage, Dranetz TR connectors for Flex and clamp-on CT’s
  • HDPQ-DN-MVSTR: Screw terminals for voltage, Dranetz TR connectors for Flex and clamp-on CT’s


  • 4GB internal flash


  • IEC61000-4-30 Edition 3 Class A, IEC61000-4-7, IEC61000-4-15
  • EN50160, NVE, IEEE1159, IEEE1453, IEEE519:2014


  • Standard: RJ45 TCP/IP Ethernet, USB
  • Optional: 3G/4G cellular
  • Protocols: XML, Modbus TCP
  • Time synchronization: NTP, optional internal GPS or IRIG-B