DranXperT – Power Logger

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DranXperT – a portable, low cost, power logger and PQ detector from Dranetz.

DranXperT is two products in one:

  1. Accurate, 3 phase, bi-directional power/energy logger
  2. PQ detector with 1/2 cycle resolution to identify and record common PQ issues such as sags/dips, swells, and interruptions, as well as changes in current

DranXperT measures all of the power parameters that you expect, such as W, VA, VAR, PF, Demand and Energy. Being a bidirectional power meter, direction of power flow is also measured for use in DER/alternative energy applications. Being a Dranetz, DranXperT’s measurements are second to none and also include PQ monitoring capabilities. PQ problems, such as sags/dips, swells, interruptions can be detected with IEC 61000-4-30 1/2 cycle resolution and harmonics are computed using the techniques of IEEE 519-2014/IEC 61000-4-7.

DranXperT includes free, unlicensed Dran-View XP software, a web browser user interface, and strong remote communications for use in virtually any portable, or temporary power monitoring application. Connect your computer directly to DranXperT using the supplied Ethernet cable, or to any local/private/corporate network, and even the Internet for remote communications. All that you need is a web browser on any PC, tablet or Smartphone to configure the meter for recording and for real time data review. Data is easily transferred for analysis to your PC via a USB drive or by downloading using your web browser.

No other product at this price point can achieve this high level of capability – a complete bi-directional energy/power meter AND the PQ monitoring capabilities that you expect from a Dranetz.