DV-Power – BLU100A – Battery Load Unit

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Datasheet - DVPOWER BLU


  • Powerful & Portable battery capacity tester
  • DV Power Battery Discharge Tester BLU100A is the first BLU model in a series of battery capacity test systems.
  • The Battery Load Unit – BLU100A is the stand-alone or a PC-controlled battery capacity test set, based on the state-of-the-art technology, using the most advanced power electronics solutions with coolers and fans integrated into it.
    The BLU100A device is lightweight (12.8 kg / 28 lb.), developed to meet a customer’s wide ranging test procedure requirements (standardized as well as customized). Using the BLU100A device, the capacity test is performed in an accurate, user-friendly way in accordance to battery testing standards (IEEE 450-2010 / 1188-2005 / 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11/22 and other relevant standards).
    Discharging can be performed at a constant current, constant power, constant resistance or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile. The discharge test can be conducted even in a case a battery remains connected to the load – by measuring the load current during the process.
    The BLU100A device provides the discharge current of up to 160 A and may be applied to battery strings with up to 300 V voltage level.
  • Discharge current – up to 160A DC
  • Discharge power – up to 14.2 kW
  • Applicable to 5.25 to 300 V DC battery voltages
  • Battery internal resistance measurement according to IEC 60896
  • DC Ripple-free current
  • Operation modes – Constant I/Constant P/Constant R/I,P,R Profile
  • User adjustable alarm & shutdown parameters so as to prevent excessive discharge
  • Overcurrent & overheating protection
  • Coolers & fans integrated into device
  • Emergency stop button & external alarm trigger
  • Testing without disconnecting the regular load
  • Expandable for larger banks using BXL-A extra load units
  • Test resume feature in case of interrupted power supply
  • Galvanic keyboard isolation
  • Internal memory
  • Flash Drive Port & USB connection
  • DV-B Win Software for analysis of results
  • Includes: Mains power cable, ground cable, USB cable, DV-B Win Software, transport case, current cables 2x 3m 35 sq mm with alligator clips, cable bag