DV-Power – TRT63B True Three-Phase Turns Ratio Tester – Single and true three-phase voltage up to 250V

Datasheet - DVPower - TRT63B


When it comes to choosing a transformer turns ratio tester, TRT Standard series offers some of the most advanced instruments with LCD display out in the market. Each model measures transformer excitation current and phase shift, performs automatic vector group detection and magnetic balance on three-phase transformers and three-phase autotransformers. Furthermore, they have a built-in true three-phase power source. Because of that, TRT Standard instruments can test transformers with special configurations, such as phase-shifting, rectifier, arc-furnace, traction transformers, etc.

The instruments can output test voltages from 1V AC to 250V AC, depending on the chosen model. High test voltage of 250 V AC provides more accurate turns ratio testing compared to other turns ratio testers on the market and extremely low test voltage of 1 V AC enables turns ratio verification of current transformers.

  • Single-phase test voltage
  • True Three-phase test supply
  • Tests all types of single and 3-phase transformers
  • User selectable voltage of 1V, 10V, 40V, 100V & 250V AC
  • Measures turns ratio, phase shift and excitation current
  • Ratios from 0.8 to 50,000
  • Verifies winding configuration
  • Heavy duty resin case
  • DV-Win software for analysis of results
  • Supplied with standard test leads compatible with TWA
  • Other leads optional
  • 3 Years Warranty