DynAmp – LKCO High Accuracy Bi-directional (DC & AC) Closed-Loop, Fully Compensated, Fiber Optic Current Measurement

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Introducing the LKCO High Current Measurement System based on Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

LKCO is built on a foundation of patented measurement techniques, 40 years of measurement expertise, 8 years of development and highly proven, military grade optical sub-systems.

  • Patented, “complete system” closed-loop compensation controls the entire optical fiber circuit, opto-electronics and measurement outputs to ensure accuracy and stability over the long term.
  • 0.1% accuracy of reading to over 500kA
  • Measurement is immune to external magnetic fields and magnetic materials
  • Superior installation flexibility
  • Industry standard current output signals for plug and play replacement of a wide variety of existing systems.
  • Advanced Accuracy Diagnostics (A2D) monitors both fiber optics and opto-electronics for measurement confidence.