DynAmp – LKP High Accuracy Uni-directional(DC) Current Measurement

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Exceptionally well proven high-accuracy measurement
Based on over 40 years of know-how and expertise, DynAmp LKP systems are the most proven high-accuracy DC current measurement systems available for electro-industrial applications. With 0.1% accuracy performance at current ranges up to 500kA, LKP systems simply have no equal. DynAmp offers both LKP unidirectional/DC measurement systems as well as LKB bi-directional/AC current measurement systems

  • 0.1% accuracy class measurement up to 500kA
  • Non-contact design for installation ease and safety
  • Multi-channel, closed-loop hall-effect technology for superior performance in adverse magnetic, environmental and industrial conditions over the long term.
  • Extremely stable and responsive measurement for superior control performance
  • Split-head design for easy installation, eliminates bus bar cutting
  • Cast Aluminum construction for durability
  • Extremely robust electronics for reliability and long life.
  • Included DynAmp Bus Analysis to ensure highest performance and accuracy in your specific application
  • Available Accuracy Diagnostics continuously monitors system operation to immediately signal customers of operating conditions which could compromise accuracy or performance
  • Available totalizing equipment sums multiple LKP system measurements while maintaining high accuracy

Special Note Regarding Rectifier Control : By measuring the actual DC output of the rectifier, the control loop is dramatically shortened for superior responsiveness as compared to other, more ‘remote’ measurement points such as ACCT measurement on the primary side or ‘measurement’ windings within the rectifier transformer. Using the actual DC output of the rectifier as the control input eliminates the effects of changes in rectifier / transformer efficiency, dynamics between multiple transformer secondaries and phase un-balance on the control of the rectifier.