Mitton – ST1000 Single Wire Earth Return Systems tester (SWER)

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Data Sheet


The ST1000 is designed to measure the earth electrode resistance of Single Wire Earth Return Systems. It uses the SWER transformer (isolation or distribution) load currents to provide the measurement signals and accepts two CT inputs and one voltage input.

  • Range: 10 mΩ – 1,999 Ω
  • High resolution as little as 1 mΩ
  • Less than +/-0.5% ± 2 digits error for high accuracy
  • Input impedance on voltage channel: 2 MΩ
  • Input voltage ranges 5VRMS, 50VRMS and 300VRMS
  • Current inputs voltage range 3VRMS max
  • Selectable operating frequency
  • Reflective monochrome graphical LCD
  • Integrated SLA battery
  • Easy Portability