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DayCor® UV EYE is a bi-spectral UV-Visible imaging block corona camera with enhanced features

Models: UV-EYE, UV-EYElite

DayCor® UV-EYEs  are  bi-spectral UVc-Visible solar blind block cameras for OEM integration. Ofil’s UV-EYES are robust, rugged and light in weight. They are used for daytime corona & arcing inspection. The incorporated DayCor® technology ensures high sensitivity to ultraviolet (UVc) radiation, which is manifested in excellent detection and pinpointing of corona. Ofil EYEs do not miss any discharge, whether near or far, single or multiple  that are enclosed in the cameras’ FOV.  It should be noted that non destructive remote sensing & testing capabilities depend on the sensor’s sensitivity. Ofil’s DayCor® technology is, by far, the most sensitive and reliable solar blind UVc detection technology and therefore the most attractive option for incorporating as OEM in any inspection system.

Ofil offers 2 models of EYEs, that differ in their physical dimensions, zooming, FOV and sensitivity: EYE and EYElite, as can be seen in their specifications. Both cameras are readily integrated as OEM on railways’ testing wagons, on vehicle roofs, robots, ATVs, as stationary cameras and in aerial systems.

Ofil provides full support and guidelines with installation instructions to customers who wish to integrate these UV-EYEs  in their projects.

Multipurpose Corona & Arcing Detection Solutions

System integrators are able now to add UV detection capabilities to their arsenal of testing equipment and upgrade their existing inspection solutions systems with PD visualizing sensors.

Ofil offers two models of bi-spectral UV-Visible block cameras that can easily be integrated in motorized fast-moving platforms such as railways, vans, land rovers, or as fixed stationary inspection equipment.

DayCor® core cameras add the UV dimension and reveals hidden secrets to inspectors that try to explore the condition of assets and infrastructure. With DayCor® data the collected data is comprehensive and substantial. That is why Ofil’ block cameras are called UV Eyes, as they complement human natural optical range to make UV visible.

Why Ofil?

Ofil’s corona cameras are made with proprietary UV filters and high sensitivity sensors. All systems are strictly tested for solar blindness and have CE certificates.

Ofil offers a wide range of products, with proven performance, and affordable tailored and off-the- shelf solutions to match the specific needs of its customers.

Ofil is engaged with ongoing research & development activities and keeps its corona cameras updated technologically.

Ofil enriches its customers with supportive educational projects, and assists them master UV inspection methodology and predictive maintenance.

Ofil is attentive to its customers and listens to their versatile changing needs. Customers’ support is provided locally through Ofil’s worldwide network of representatives.