OFIL – UVolle VX Video (Indoor & Outdoor)

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Datasheet - OFIL - Uvolle



  • Displays Corona (UV) and its emitter with indications of Corona severity
  • Indoor/ Outdoor working environments
  • Colour Daylight visible LCD
  • Built-in LED flashlight for use in dark cabinets, motors, generators & enclosed switchgears
  • Rapid optical zoom
  • Auto-focus
  • Recording and playback
  • Lightweight (1.39kgs)
  • Corona magnification, counting and colour
  • Battery Operation > 4hrs
  • Voice annotation
  • Weatherproof to IP54
  • RS232 Interface
  • Daycor technology for full daylight operation
  • Video/stills
  • Accessories available:
    • Close-up lenses
    • Wide FOV Lenses
    • Database reporting software
    • Temp & humidity meter
    • GPS data
    • Flight Table

Why use corona cameras?

Corona discharge is associated with local high electrical field that exceeds the air ability to withstand and remain a dielectric gap. Corona can hit any medium/high voltage apparatus: transformers, bushings, capacitors, insulators, switchgear, conductors, cables, motors, spacers, switch cabinets, and more.

Corona is triggered by sharp edges, physical defects, contamination, bad design, wrong installation, improper material etc. Corona acts as a signal of existing faults, and at the same time corona itself radiates UV, creates Ozone (O3) and acids, dissipates audio noise and interferes with radio signals.

Seeing corona is advantageous to maintenance teams; pinpointing its origin is of great value and can reduce substantially inspection costs.

Ofil’s corona cameras lead maintenance engineers to origin of electrical failures, and cut inspection durations and reduce redundant activities such as insulators washing. During commissioning corona cameras immediately detect design issues. Corona cameras assist to avoid shutdowns, their use does not involve over loading, nor destruction of the tested elements. Using corona cameras has, according to our customers, helped them extend elements’ lifetime and slowed down aging processes.

why Ofil?

Ofil’s corona cameras are made with proprietary UV filters and high sensitivity sensors. All systems are strictly tested for solar blindness and have CE certificates.

Ofil offers a wide range of products, with proven performance, and affordable tailored and off-the- shelf solutions to match the specific needs of its customers.

Ofil is engaged with ongoing research & development activities and keeps its corona cameras updated technologically.

Ofil enriches its customers with supportive educational projects, and assists them master UV inspection methodology and predictive maintenance.

Ofil is attentive to its customers and listens to their versatile changing needs. Customers’ support is provided locally through Ofil’s worldwide network of representatives.