Pacific Test Equipment – VT-5012 Volt-Test Voltmeter Proving Unit

$280.00 AUD

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Datasheet - VT-5012


Test your Voltage indicator is working before you prove equipment is safe to touch.
Many workplace regulations require you to conclusively test that your tester is working correctly BEFORE and AFTER
proving that equipment is de-energised and safe to work on.
A convenient 240V power outlet is not always readily available in the field to test your instrument.
Testing on low voltage or DC such as a vehicle battery does not conclusively prove your tester is functional on AC mains.

Most instruments auto select the highest range >200V AC. Proving your tester is working on the range you will use to prove safe, will maximise your Duty of Care.

  • Proves a voltmeter is functioning correctly at a nominal 230V AC
  • Required under WHS before proving a circuit is safe to touch
  • Tests meter, leads and fuses at mains voltage
  • Tests all multimeters & voltage testers with an input impedance > 0.5MΩ
  • Internally self-checks that mains voltage is applied at terminals
  • Indicates low battery to prevent false indication
  • Output limited to 1mA for personal safety
  • Low battery notification