Rishabh Rish Insu 10Dx+ 10kV Insulation Tester 20TΩ, PI, DAR, DD, Step voltage & Ramp Test

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SKU: WMGBMIC5001-1-1 Categories: , Brand: Rishabh


  • Selectable short circuit current 1.2mA, 3mA and 6mA
  • Test voltage can be selected in steps of 10V from 100V to 1000V & in    steps of 25V        from 1000V to 10000V
  • Insulation resistance measurement upto 20T Ω
  • User selectable digital filters
  • Noise Rejection upto 8 mA
  • Operates on rechargeable Li-ion battery and Mains as well
  • Bluetooth connectivity for data logging
  • Touch screen TFT colour display
  • Audio Read-out
  • Measurement of DC and AC voltages from 20V ~ 600V
  • Three programmable timers
  • Insulation leakage current measurement
  • PI, DAR, DD, Step voltage & Ramp Test