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Datasheet - Seaward - HAL Series


Advanced Multifunction Safety Testers for Production Lines

      • Fully configurable automatic test sequences
      • Compatibility with label printer and barcode scanner
      • Ideal for mid to high volume production line testing

The HAL comprehensive safety testers offer outstanding levels of flexibility and functionality to dramatically improve the quality and productivity of production line safety testing.

With a range of different tests and functionality, the HAL series provides a solution for any production line testing requirement from low volume manual testing through to high volume automated test programmes. The large display and simple push-button operation makes the process of testing straightforward and fast, ensuring your production line continues to efficiently meet the demands of any number of quality and safety standards.

A choice of automatic, manual or direct PC modes offers maximum flexibility for use and control of the HAL series.

Automatic mode provides a structured, repeatable route to testing through storing complete test sequences in the internal memory of the instrument, making it ideal for the production line environment.

For environments where flexibility of test parameters and diagnostic checks are required, a manual mode enables individual tests to be performed easily.

For those wanting a fully automated approach, simple command protocols can be used in order for the HAL series tester to be controlled via a PC or other device.

The HAL 104 can communicate with a PLC (programmable logic controller) to aid automated test processes, including remote start / stop and pass / fail outputs.

International variants available.

HAL 104

    • The flagship product in the HAL series, the HAL 104 is designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of production line testing and features:

Advanced integration options

      • Analogue inputs allow testing to be recorded on the HAL from external devices e.g. recording the speed of a motor whilst in operation
      • Digital outputs enable control of external devices using relay control e.g. switching matrices
      • Compatibility with PowerSmart and SwitchSmart for advanced automation

Full complement of electrical safety tests

      • Power/leakage measurement for operational, safety and quality checks.

arrow HAL LED

The HAL LED has been designed with a reduced power measurement range with greater resolution than the HAL 104, making it ideal for the testing of low power electronics such as LED lighting.

arrow HAL 103

The HAL 103 is a comprehensive tester capable of performing dielectric strength, earth/ground bond and DCIR tests.

arrow HAL 102

The HAL 102 is a DCIR tester with 5 channel scanner, enabling up to 5 tests to be performed in sequence on either the same product or a group of products, without any need for human intervention.

arrow HAL 101

The HAL 101 is a simple dielectric strength and DCIR tester, enabling one test point or product to be tested at any one time







HAL tester + Safety e-Base Pro

Improve the productivity, flexibility and traceability of the HAL test system with the clever Safety e-Base Pro software program.

  • Reduce the room for human error and increase efficiency through controlling tests remotely from a PC.
  • Programme test sequences to start on customisable trigger commands.
  • Customise test sequences for different products and standards – ensure your test system will stand the test of time.
  • Improve traceability and auditability – Store test results automatically within a PC.
  • Programme user prompts in text or picture format to make the test process even easier for the operator.

The HAL tester with Safety e-Base Pro gives you total confidence that production line testing is being carried out to the correct requirements as efficiently as possible with the operator’s safety in mind. This out-of-the-box solution gives you all of the benefits of a bespoke test system and is customisable to your specific requirements. Ask for a quote.