Seaward – PR11 11kV Phasing rods with neon indication

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Datasheet- Seaward PR11/15/33 Phasing Sticks



  • For use on 3.3kV up to 11.5kV systems
  • PVC hand guards
  • Direct areas possible to all types of switchgear

The PR11 phasing sticks provide a means of phase comparison at the point of paralleling two circuits, without the interposition of voltage transformers or secondary wiring circuits. A neon type instrument, it is designed for use on earthed neutral circuits up to 11kV.


Technical specification

Maximum system voltage 11kV
Maximum voltage to earth N/A
Threshold voltage 300V
Measuring range N/A
Resolution N/A
Sensitivity AC/DC
Circuit current (IEC 61234-2) 0.9mA nominal @11.5kV
Dielectric leakage current(IEC 61234-2) 25uA nominal @ 13.8kV
Length (mm) 330
Diameter (mm) 25
Handle length (mm) 105
Hand guard height (mm) 23.5
Contact electrode type Domed