Seaward Sentinel Safety Tester 501 (with Earth bond / insulation resistance)

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The Sentinel series of test instruments has been built to provide a cost effective, yet powerful solution to hipot testing, whether on a production line or in a laboratory environment for compliance testing purposes. With the ability to perform either 5kV AC or 6kV DC dielectric strength tests and up to 500VA AC power output the Sentinel series can aid testing to many international safety standards including IEC, EN, UL and CSA to name but a few. With many features, the Sentinel series ensures testing is performed accurately, efficiently and safely.

Key Features

  • 500 VA capability
  • Sweep function for test analysis
  • Flexible / high resolution test parameters
  • Manual / automatic test modes
  • Remote and PLC control
  • Fast cut off and automatic discharge
  • additional Earth bond / insulation resistance

Key Users

  • R&D Departments
  • Compliance Laboratories
  • Design Engineers
  • QA Departments
  • Production and Manufacturing Engineers


Sweep function

When used in manual mode the sweep function plots measured values, current or resistance against the test time, represented as a trace graph. This allows the user to view changes in the measured parameter throughout the entire test process instead of one final value at the end of a test, perfect for research and development laboratories who want to assess the electrical safety properties of equipment over a period of time.

Flexible parameters and high resolution performance

With adjustable ramp and hold times (0.1 – 999.9s) the test time can be set to appropriately rise to the correct output voltage in order to comply with international test standards and to reduce the risk of damaging the equipment under test. Highly accurate measurement characteristics such as a 2V resolution on output voltage allow for precise measurement output, and 1μA ±(1.5% +30μA) resolution for the trip current ensures that the smallest of leakage currents can be accurately measured.

Automatic testing and remote control

Up to 100 test conditions can be saved and recalled for single test purposes, or for those that require sequential testing, manual test settings can be linked together to create up to 100 automatic test sequences, ensuring simple recall for repeat testing. For those looking for automation in the test area, the Sentinel series has many tools to aid this. A remote start terminal and signal I/O port allow for remote starting, safety interlocking and PLC Control. In addition, the Sentinel series is fitted with RS-232, USB and GPIB (option) to allow PC control of the test instrument and retrieval of test results.

Enhanced safety features

Designed with safety in mind, the Sentinel series will automatically cut out the output voltage within 150μs where abnormal output voltages are detected or when the upper or lower current trip limits are reached whilst under test. Furthermore, to protect the user from any potential hazard due to stored charge, the Sentinel will automatically discharge the item under test within 200ms on completion of the performed test. High intensity LEDs will alert the user when voltage is present on the test outputs.