Sonel CMP-403 Multifunctional AC/DC Clamp Meter

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  • Measure wide range of electrical parameters

    The Sonel CMP-401 compact clamp meter is a surprisingly versatile tool. It is used for direct AC and DC current measurement up to 400 A. The additional functions of the device include the measurement of direct and alternating voltages up to 600 V (with the use of test leads), resistance measurement, continuity of connections measurement with acoustic signalling, capacity measurement and temperature measurement with the use of a probe which is included in the basic equipment of the device.

    The CMP-401 digital clamp meter is a tough competitor that excels at tackling difficult challenges and is suitable for use even in tough measurement conditions. The casing of the device is IP 40 rated and covered with an elastomer which increases protection against drops and mechanical damage.

    Extended measuring capabilities and a wide range of functions are the features that make the CMP-401 clamp meter find many professional applications. Its advantages will be particularly appreciated by electricians working in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, as well as by electrical installation technicians, maintenance workers, electrical fitters and HVACR specialists (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). This handy instrument offers a high level of comfort and is extremely easy and trouble-free to use. An additional advantage of the device is its backlit display, which enables uninterrupted operation regardless of the prevailing lighting conditions. Due to the large digits, reading the result is no problem. The Sonel CMP-401 meter is lightweight and compact, which makes it possible to always have it with you during any work.

    Measurement functions

    • AC current measurement up to 400 A
    • DC current measurement up to 400 A
    • DC and AC voltage measurement up to 600 V
    • resistance measurement
    • continuity test with acoustic signalling (beeper) for resistance below 50 Ω
    • temperature measurement (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
    • frequency measurement
    • capacitance measurement
    • diode test


    Sonel CMP-401 Clamp Meters is designed to hard work in arduous measuring conditions. A special housing, covered with an elastomer coating, provides protection against drops and mechanical damages. CMP-401 is the first choice for those who expect the device to be reliable at work in industrial and residential environments.

    Designed for specialists

    • industrial and commercial electricians
    • plant maintenance
    • facility maintenance
    • electrical contractors
    • utility technicians
    • HVACR specialists

    Special features

    • non-contact neon lamp
    • safe, insulated measurement clamp
    • reinforced, impact resistant enclosure
    • automatic selection of ranges with the capability of switching over to the manual selection mode
    • HOLD function, allowing for freezing the result on the display
    • large and easy to read LCD display with backlit
    • relative measurement function
    • indication of range overflow

    Faciliating the measurements

    The AC-16 adapter expands the application of the clamp meter. With the ratio x1 and x10, 230 V AC of voltage and max 16 A of current, the adapter can be applied with any type of clamp meter.