Sonel ERP-1+ FSX-3 (2m) Tower Adapter for Earth Resistance Measurement

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Datasheet - ERP-1

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  • Tower tester adaptor
  • Sonel ERP-1 adapter is used for earth resistance measurements of electricity pylons using flexible clamp – Rogowski coil.
    It is designed to operate with the Sonel’s earth resistance meters (MRU series), in 3-wire with clamp measurement function. Ergonomic, handy and user friendly design casing makes the measurements of pylons earth resistance quick and easy.
  • The SONEL ERP-1 adapter, in combination with meters that can generate measurement current of 200 mA, serves for measuring of resistance of multiple groundings without disconnecting control connection clamps. The  flexible, big diameter coil allows to measure earth resistance of e.g. transmission towers – including lattice poles – without shutting down the power line.

    Ergonomic design of the adapter, its convenient housing and simple operation make earth resistance measurements on transmission towers and pylons quick and problem-free. The protection degree of the adapter is IP67, which makes it suitable for operation in muddy and rain conditions.

    The adapter works with the following meters:

    • Sonel MRU-120HD,
    • Sonel MRU-200,
    • Sonel MRU-200-GPS
    • For this measurement we offer clamps in several length versions and different electrical specifications.

    Technical specification of offered flexible clamps:

    • FSX-3 – 300 µV / 1 A, length 2000 mm

    Pylon earth resistance measurement adapter specification:

    • Measurement range……up to 5 A
    • Operating frequency……up to 125Hz (for work in 50Hz network), 150Hz (for work in 60Hz network)
    • Power supply……3 x battery LR6 1,2 – 1,5 V
    • Measurement category…..CAT IV 300 V in accordance with IEC 61010-1

    Standard accessories:

  • Sonel ERP-1 adapter
  • Flexible clamps FSX-3
  • User manual
  • Soft carrying case
  • 3x batteries AA (LR6) 1,5V