Sonel – EVSE-01 Adapter for testing vehicle charging stations

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Datasheet EVSE-01


The EVSE-01 adaptor interfaces between the standard Type 2 EV charger connector and several models of Sonel Installation Testers to simplify safety testing of EV chargers.

Tests recommended when commissioning an EV charging station include:

  • Continuity of earthing conductors,
  • Insulation resistance of live conductors,
  • Correct operation of residual current protective devices,
  • Fault loop Impedance.
  • Earth resistance if earthed independently of the supply network (solar powered)

The EVSE-01 adapter is dedicated to testing AC charging stations using the most common Type 2 connector.  It will interface between the EV charger and any of the Sonel MPI range of Sonel Installation testers and allow simulation of charging currents up to 63 Amps, single or 3-phase.

Entry level to EV charger testing is with the Sonel MPI-506 teamed with the EVSE-01. These two hand held instruments will allow testing of:  Earth continuity, Insulation Resistance, RCD operation and Fault Loop Impedance.

Testing can be upgraded to full automation by teaming the EVSE-01 with the Sonel MPI-535 or MPI-540 with colour touch screen control of all installation testing including EV chargers.