Sonel – LKZ-720 – Cable Locator

$1,720.00 AUD

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Datasheet - SONEL LKZ-720


  • Detection of cables in ceilings, walls & floors
  • Detection of breaks in cables
  • Tracing cables in building installations
  • Locating power points and switches in buildings
  • Locating short circuits between leads
  • Tracing shielded cables
  • Tracing cables in metal ducts (live cable and force current mode current “I” or power “Pr”)
  • Identification of fuses on the distribution board
  • Tracing underground cables
  • Tracing conductive water and heating pipelines
  • Non-contact detection of live cables
  • Identification of fuses on the distribution board


  • The function 3D in the receiver – detecting the direction of current flow and accurate locating the object, phase detection mode, receiver operation with four transmitters at the same time to locate interruptions or distinguish wires, a LED bright torch, headphone socket in receiver, screens backlight for work in dark, transmission battery status and settings of the transmitter to the receiver
  • Operation in wide range of rated voltage, up to 500V RMS
  • Measurement of voltage at the object to 500 Vrms
  • Operates on two frequencies: 11.75 kHz and 23.5 kHz
  • Three levels of transmitter amplification
  • Automatic or manual selection of transmitter operation modes,
  • Five modes of wire tracer operation – voltage, current, current-voltage, power and clamp
  • Software upgrade via USB
  • Additional accessories enable precise localization – such as contact or non-contact probes and measurement clamp
  • 600V CAT III
  • IP67
  • Includes carry bag, test leads, test probes, crocodile clips, earth stake.


The device is fantastic.
We used it mainly for locating underground street-lighting cable.
The only mode we used it is on PR(power) mode and since both ends of the cable must be earthed, we found it easy to earth because our cable ends go to our steel standard poles which is earthed.
Ausgrid (December 2021)