Sonel – LXP-10A Light Meter

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Datasheet - Sonel - LXP-10A


The new LXP digital light meter family allows for a very precise measurement of illuminanace. Thanks to very high resolution (resolution 0.001 lx ) allows for escape route emergency light measurement. All of three light meter have built-in memory for measurement result storing, and additional function making work much easier.

The most important features:

  • Measurement resolution: 0.001 lx (0.001 fc).
  • High accuracy and fast response.
  • Data-hold function for holding measuring values.
  • Automatic zeroing.
  • No need for correction factors calculating for different light sources thanks to a very good fit spectral sensitivity guaranteeing the correct measurement of intensity of the illumination regardless of the nature of radiation.
  • Peak-hold function for tracing the peak signal of light pulse with duration longer than 0.1 s and less than 1 s.
  • Capable of selecting measuring mode in Lux or FC scale alternatively.
  • Auto power off (5,10 or 15minutes) or disable AUTO power off.
  • Maximum and minimum measurements.
  • Relative reading.
  • Easy to read large backlit display.
  • USB output connect with PC.
  • Data transmission via radio connection using an optional adapter OR-1.
  • Six measurement ranges.
  • Built-in memory – 999, with can be checked in the meter or PC.
  • 16000 values records data logger (traceable only in PC).