Sonel MIC-5 – 500V Insulation Tester

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Datasheet - Sonel - MIC-5


Handy in insulation resistance measurements

The MIC-5 is a handy insulation resistance meter that any self-respecting electrician can sling around his neck like a doctor’s stethoscope in order to always have it at hand. The instrument allows for simple and quick insulation evaluation, checking continuity of connections and measuring voltage on the object.


  • Insulation resistance measurement:
    • selectable measurement voltage: 250 V or 500 V,
    • continuous indication of measured resistance,
    • very long operation time with one set of batteries: 14 h for measurement at UISO = 250 V, 11 h for UISO = 500 V,
    • automatic discharge of tested object’s capacitance after measurement of insulation resistance,
    • acoustic determination of 5 seconds time intervals that facilitates to take time characteristics during insulation resistance measurement,
    • measurement current up to 1.4 mA,
    • protection against measurement of live objects.
  • Low voltage resistance measurement in range of 0…1999 Ω:
    • measurement with current of <10 mA with resolution of 0,1 Ω,
    • quick acoustic signalling for circuit resistance below 10 Ω.
  • AC/DC voltage measurement in range of 0…600 V:
    • automatic detection of voltage type (AC/DC).
  • Autoranging.
  • Suitable for 50 Hz and 60 Hz network.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • AUTO-OFF function.
  • Built-in flashlight.
  • Meter meets the requirements of the standard IEC 61557-1 and IEC 61557-2.