Sonel – MPI-520 Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter

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Datasheet - Sonel - MPI-520


The MPI-520 multifunction meter is dedicated to perform diagnosis of electrical installation according to IEC 61557 standards. Digital meter MPI-520 is designed to measure impedance of a short circuit loop also without triggering RCD, parameters of RCD, insulation resistance, earthing resistance, continuity and also for phase sequence testing. Furthermore to measure and logging of AC voltage and current, frequency and power.
Wide range of standard accessories enable to perform all necessary measurements and safety test. Highly professional portable multifunction meter with memory of measured parameters.
  • Multifunction Insulation, Loop Impedance and RCD tester
  • Measurement of insulation resistance at 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000V
  • Measurement of loop impedance and PSC without tripping of RCD, auto calculation of PSC
  • Measurement of RCD trip current and time
  • Continuity & resistance measurement
  • Phase sequence testing
  • Voltage measurement to 500V
  • Measurement of current, power & power factor with optional clamp
  • Measurement of 3-pole earth resistance
  • Memory for 990 tests

Possible measurements:

Short-circuit loop measurement:

  • impedance measurement with 23 A current (44 A phase-to-phase) – short-circuit resistor R=10 Ω,
  • measurement range: 95…440 V, frequency 45…65 Hz,

Short-circuit loop measurement with resolution 0,01 Ω, in distribution network without tiggering RCD (IΔn≥30 mA):

  • automatic calculation of short-circuit, detection of phase voltage and phase-to-phase voltage,
  • additional UNI-Schuko plug for automatic measurement, AGT adapter for 3 phase network measurement.

Testing of general and selective RCD with the rated differential current of 10,30,100,300,500 and 1000 mA. (Type AC, A and B).

Measurement of insulation resistance:

  • with test voltage 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V,
  • measurement range up to 3 GΩ,
  • UNI-Schuko plug for insulation measurement,
  • automatic discharging after measurement,
  • automatic measurement of all resistences in 3,4,5-wire cables using optional adapter AUTO-ISO,
  • acoustic signals in 5 sec intervals for insulation resistance characteristic,
  • safety measurement – protection against overvoltage.

Measurement of earthing resistance.

Bi-directional testing of PE wire continuity using 200 mA current.

  • Autocalibration of test leads.

Phase sequence testing.