Sonel – MPI-530-IT Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter IT Network

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Datasheet - Sonel - MPI-530 IT


MPI-530-IT meter is a multi-functional instrument for electric shock protection measurements including the option of various methods for measuring earthing and earthing resistance.  Sonel MPI-530-IT allows testing of residual current devices (RCD), types AC, A, F and B also in IT network. Additionally the meter enables its user to analyse power supply parameters, records and displays them on its screen. The instrument automatically measures the insulation resistance in a socket and in 3 -, 4 – and 5-wire cables when used with Auto ISO-1000C adapter. Measurement results may be continuously verified, depending on user’s demand or according to binding regulations. Memory of the instrument may store tens of thousands of measurements allowing users to store them in a structure of a protocol and describe individual measurement points.

Measurement of short circuit loop impedance ZL-PE, ZL-N, ZL-L
Test current: 23/40 A; measuring range acc. to IEC 61557: 0,13…1999,9 Ω
(for 1.2 m test lead):

Measurement of short circuit loop impedance ZL-PE in RCD mode
Test current: 15 mA, measuring range acc. to IEC 61557: 0,50…1999Ω

Measurement of earth resistance RE with the 3p and 4p method

Measuring range acc. to IEC 61557 – 5:

  • 0,50 Ω…1,99 kΩ for test voltage 50 V
  • 0,56 Ω…1,99 kΩ for test voltage 25 V
  • test voltage: 25 V or 50 V rms
  • test current: 20 mA, sinusoidal rms 125 Hz (for fn=50 Hz) and 150 Hz (for fn=60 Hz)
  • measurement blocked at interference voltage UN > 24 V
  • maximum measured interference voltage Unmax= 100 V
  • maximum resistance of auxiliary earth electrodes 50 kΩ

Phase sequence indication

  • Phase sequence indication: conforming, non-conforming
  • Mains voltage range UL-L: 100…440 V (45…65 Hz)
  • Display of phase-to-phase voltage values


  • Voltage measurement ULN: 0…500 V
  • Frequency range of measured voltages: 45,0…65,0 Hz
  • Frequency measurement range for 50…500 V voltages: 45,0…65,0 Hz (basic uncertainty max. ± 0,1% m.v. + 1 digit)
  • cosφ measurement: 0,00…1,00 (resolution 0,01)
  • Measurement and recording in single-phase system