Sonel – MZC-20E Loop Impedance Meter 200 ohm range

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Datasheet - SONEL MZC-20E


The meter has been designed for fitters and measurement technicians performing services in residential buildings, office blocks, manufacturing plants and any facilities possessing a low-voltage electrical system. The instrument is also recommended for electrical maintenance personnel.

  • Measurements of impedance in a short-circuit loop Z within the range S of 0.24…200 Ω
  • Short-circuit current IK: 1,15 – 958,3 A (Un =230 V)
  • AC voltage measurement: 0 – 440 V
  • Rated operating voltage UnL-N / UnL-L : 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V
  • Operating voltage range: 180…270V (for ZL-PE i ZL-N ) and 180…440V (for ZL-L )
  • Rated network frequency fn : 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Frequency operating range: 45…65Hz
  • Maximum measurement current: 15,3 A for 230 V (10ms) and 26,7 A for 400 V (10ms)