Sonel – MZC-304 Loop Impedance Meter 2000 ohm range, Memory

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Data Sheet - Sonel - MZC-304


The Sonel MZC-304 is a multifunction earth loop impedance and PSC tester, offering a number of functions in one handy unit.

Capable of measuring earth loop fault impedance on L-PE, L-L and L-N circuits, the MZC-304 delivers fast and accurate results to the user, and is able to be used on a multitude of power systems, including 240V/415V, 230V/400V and 220V/380V. Being suitable for use on both single and three phase systems, the MZC-304 is both versatile and ergonomic housed in a modern and sleek case with bright coloured bumbers for visibility and protection. Readings are displayed on a large multifunction display which is easy to read and intuitive.

In “RCD” mode the MZC-304 utilises a 15mA test current for L-PE tests, in order to undertake tests without tripping RCD’s rated at 30mA and above. Low resistance and continuity are also possible utilising a test current of +/- 200mA ans the MZC-304 will also measure circuit voltage and frequency, and can be operated with system voltages of 180-270V in RCD mode. The MZC-304 can measure impedance, resistance and reactance regardless of phase shift to a resolution of 0.01 Ohms.

The MZC-304 will automatically calculate prospective short circuit current (PSC) for the circuit under test and display the result for the operator until the next test is undertaken as the meter has a built in momory function. It is possible to save up to 1,000 single measurements within 10 banks of 99 memory cells for downloading to a PC, using the optional software package. One of the most innovative features of the MZC-304 is it’s ability to detect swapped L and N conductorsin a socket and the respective automatic correction during the measurement process.

The Sonel MZC-304 is provided as a complete kit in a professional and hardwearing case with test leads, neck hanging strap, hanging hook, user manuals, calibration certificate and Bluetooth to connect to a PC, giving the ability to even update the unit’s software online as well as transfer of stored results.

  • Measurements of impedance in a short circuit loop.
    • L-PE circuit,
    • L-N, L-L circuit,
    • L-PE(RCD) circuit – without tripping the circuit breaker ≥ 30 mA.
    • Low voltage resistance measurement:
    • Continuity measurement – DC current +200 mA with wire resistivity reset
    • Low current resistance measurement with accoustic signalling,
    • Measurements are possible in installations 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V with frequency range 45…65 Hz
  • Memory of 10 banks of 99 cells each (min.10000 records)
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Continuity measurement
  • 300V CAT IV
  • IP67 waterproof