Technopic – TW2010 Insulation piercing connector (IPC)

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Use TW2010 to get the electrical potential of wires whose you can not access the ends and without stripping them.

The TW2010 pierces the jackets of wires by its tip to touch the inner conductors

Fit Technopic to the size of the wire you want to check, Hook Technopic on the wire. Screw the handle until the tip reaches the strands. Connect the 4 mm banana female socket to your measuring device. Your measuring device is linked to the inner conductors of the wire.

  • LV Insulation piercing connector
  • Prevent damage to cable insulation
  • 1000 V AC maximum voltage
  • 5A maximum current
  • Conductor range of 10 sq mm to 300 sq mm
  • Suitable for ABC and other Single Sheath Conductors
  • IP2X protected insulating handle
  • Easy screw type action that pierces the cable to allow for a variety of uses
  • Stainless steel tip