Calmet – TS33 – Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System



The Calmet TS33 portable test system consists of a three-phase reference meter of accuracy class 0.04% (or 0.1%) and an integrated three-phase current and voltage source up to 3x120A/600V. The TS33 is designed for analysis of complete metering installations and local mains conditions.

TS33 Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System with Reference Standard and Integrated Current and Voltage Source uses large 7 inch LCD display with touch panel for setting and presenting measurements. TS33 is able to save measurement data on SD card, save a BMP screen capture and print measurement report directly to Bluetooth printer. Analyzer can be also connected by USB, Bluetooth or LAN with PC computer or Tablet and setting by TS33 PC Soft.

TS33 is an universal device and can be used as a:

  • Three-Phase Power Network Analyzer (Basic function)
  • Energy Meter Tester (Basic function)
  • Power Calibrator (Basic function)
  • Instrument Transformer Tester (TT function)