We all know that mostly “we get what we pay for” but some suppliers can become greedy if they have a monopoly on a market segment!

For too long buyers of test instruments have been conditioned to pay more than they should for top quality.

Sonel, one of Europe’s most progressive manufacturers, is building its reputation on game changing instruments but unlike the multinationals, are offering a far greater return on your investment.

The Sonel brand is experiencing rapid growth in Australia and it’s easy to see why.

At the entry level is Sonel’s hand held range starting with the new CMP-200F “fork type” multimeter giving more features for around $200 less than the one you may have previously considered plus you are not expected to fork out more for a carry case – it’s included!

The CMP-200F measures AC/DC current to 200A, voltage to 1000V, resistance & capacitance plus the unique benefit of Low Impedance voltage measurement to eliminate phantom voltage readings.

Other inclusions are non-contact voltage detection, built-in flashlight to see your way into dark places and removable test leads because we know sometimes they can get in the way and if you happen to damage them, is good to know they are easily replaceable!

Flexi-Probe Clampmeter

Also new from Sonel is the CMP-3000 which gives you all the expected features with a 50% saving over the one you thought was the market leader!

The New Sonel CMP-3000 includes all the features you expect and more including:

  • AC/DC current measurement up to 1000 Amps by conventional jaws with the AC range extending to 3,000 Amps with the 160mm diameter Flexi-Probe
  • AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance and Temperature
  • Bluetooth communication with a smartphone app allows you to record, store and share measurements by email
  • Non-contact voltage detection, Duty Cycle measurement plus a built-in flashlight.

Hand-held Installation Tester

We are all familiar with the size and weight of most multifunction Installation Testers but it took Sonel to make a hand-held version, shave dollars off the price and throw in IP67 weather protection just in case it goes for an unintentional swim!

Who would have thought these functions could be packed into the Sonel MPI-506 weighing just 800g:

  • Insulation Resistance
  • RCD testing of tripping current and tripping time
  • Fault & Supply Loop Impedance test with 13A test current
  • Earth bonding and continuity resistance test
  • Phase Rotation






Hand Held 4-pole Earth Tester

Hand-held 3-pole earth testers have been around for a while but to go to the next level of a 4-pole instrument with soil resistivity measurement previously meant a considerably larger, heavier and more expensive unit.

Meet the new Sonel MRU-11 which weighs in at just 660g and packs in loads of capability!

Despite its compact size the MRU-11 can output up to 20mA at 50V, 5 times more than a leading brand weighing 1kg and costing $1,000 more!

But wait, there’s more! The MRU-11 also displays soil resistivity directly in Ohm-m, eliminating the need to manually calculate from a resistance measurement which you would need to do if you had paid the extra grand!

Like all Sonels, the MRU-11 comes with a complete kit ready to put to work, a carry bag and a calibration report.

All models include 2-year Australian & NZ warranty and are fully serviced and calibrated by Pacific Test Equipment.