Remote Power Quality, Demand & Energy Monitoring

Increased Safety & Productivity!

Set it And Forget It

Best in class communication and software capabilities have always allowed the Dranetz HDPQ series to work well remotely.

Connect to any network, small or large.
• Increase your safety by not having to touch the meter to make settings changes, review or download data.
• Increase your productivity by not having to travel to the site to do the same.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Connect the HDPQ to your circuit & close the cabinet doors.
2. Connect the HDPQ to the network.
3. Use the Dran-View 7 software or remote control Apple & Android apps to change settings and analyze data from the safety of your office, vehicle, or any other location with communication capabilities.

No need to return to the site until you remove the instrument!

The video provides further information, or check out our HDPQ range at Pacific Test Equipment.