Looking for a rugged 5kV Insulation Tester?

Would you like to spend 70% less and get up to 400% more?

If you choose the Sonel MIC-5001 you can enjoy great savings and reap the benefits of a better specification compared to the instrument you thought was a market leader!

With the Sonel MIC-5001 you can:

  • Measure with 400% better range to 5TΩ
  • If you are working aloft consider the 75% saving in weight at just 0.9kg
  • Measure with a 40% better accuracy of 3%
  • Perform automatic Polarisation Index (PI) & Dielectric Absorption Ration (DAR) tests
  • Determine the actual Breakdown Voltage with the included Ramp Test function
  • Enjoy peace of mind in poor weather with IP65 weather protection
  • Save your test results with built-in memory and USB connection to your PC.

As with all Sonel products the MIC-5001 comes with all test leads, clips, carry case, calibration report and a 2-year Australian warranty.