AEMC – PEL 52 Power and Energy Logger – 2 Channel

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Datasheet - AEMC - PEL 52


The PEL52 power logger and energy meter provides a simple but comprehensive solution for electricians seeking to monitor consumption:

  • In the context of energy savings
  • Or to improve a building’s energy efficiency

The compact PEL52 fits in one hand and is easy to handle. Its magnetized casing allows you to position it in smaller electrical cabinets where space is at a premium. No need to cut off the mains to start using it. In addition, it is self-powered via the phase, making it ideal for long campaigns.

The backlit multi-display LCD screen is particularly easy to read. PEL52 is equipped with 2 channels, enabling it to be used on split-phase installations or on 2 single-phase installations. The PEL52 performs the following measurements:

  • TRMS voltage and current measurement
  • Power measurement: W, VA and var (N, Q1 and D)
  • Measurement of PF, DPF, CF and THD

The PEL52 offers multiple communication modes for real-time monitoring or for saving measurement results:

  • Wifi communication
  • USB PEL Transfer® software for data back-up, real-time display and analysis.

BONUS SOFTWARE: integrated software tool for breaking down the losses and energies converted directly into costs, with a configurable monetary value

Meet the PEL 52 – A Compact and Powerful PEL!