Electro-PJP PeTet 160 cm Telescopic Probe and Tip

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  • Telescopic Probe and its Tip
  • Tip delivered with probe
  • Retracted Length 68 cm
  • Fully deployed length 160 cm
  • Max Current 2 A
  • 1000V CAT III

Dedicated to the electrical diagnostic in industrial facilities. The telescopic pole meets the need of the technicians who make electrical diagnostic in industrial facilities. Despite its light weight and its small size when retracted the pole reaches high ceilings and apart walls. The elaborate design of its tip eases the electrical contact with sockets and metal frames. Despite its length, the pole is well balanced so it is less wearing to use it. Its handle has a 4 mm banana socket. The particular design of the tip offers safety, sturdiness, and ease in your everyday work. Moreover the tip is removable for maintenance and evolution. The three segment telescopic feature multiplies by 2.3 the retracted length. It offers the right size to put it in a trunk or in a case and the right size to check high points.  Low size at rest and quick commissioning thanks to its telescopic feature. Handling precision increased thanks to the particular shape of the 30 ° angled tip. Fully operational even non extended. 68 cm long retracted and 157 cm long extended. Easy servicing and upgradability thanks to its screwing / unscrewing tip. Weight : 0.55 kg