Rocoil – DIN-AC Rogowski Coil Integrator

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The Rocoil® DIN-AC integrator is a single-channel, DIN-rail mounted integrator that can be used in conjunction with either flexible or rigid Rogowski coils to provide accurate current measurement over a range from less than 1 amp to over 1 million amps where an analogue voltage output is required. It is capable of measuring complex wave-forms and transient wave-forms which have a high harmonic content.

Rocoil ‘DIN-AC’ Rogowski Coil Integrator Features

  • Compact integrator for DIN-rail mounting
  • Can be used with two coils to give the sum (or difference) of the currents in two conductors
  • Voltage output reproducing the current wave-form
  • Flexible Rogowski coils can be fitted without ‘breaking’ the conductor
  • Measures from less than 20A up to hundreds of kA
  • Powered from an external DC supply
  • Input and output protected against surges
  • Output is isolated from the DC supply
  • Sensitivity can be specified by the user
  • Withstands very large overloads for an indefinite time
  • Sensing coils can be replaced without the need for re-calibration

Product Options

DUAL: Two inputs instead of one. Enables the currents in two separate conductors to be summed.
RMS: RMS Output: An additional output for each channel equal to the true RMS value of the AC output.
Sensitivity range:
This can be specified by the user as the current to give 1Volt AC output. Sensitivity values from 1 A/Volt to more than 100kA/Volt can be provided.