Sonel CMP-3000 Clamp Meter with Flexible Clamp

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Sonel CMP-3000 belongs to the new generation of clamp meters. It combines innovation, durability and high-tech solutions. Why is it so special? Thanks to its equipment and capabilities. The standard flexible current probe (Rogowski coil) with a diameter of up to 160 mm provide easy and safe measurements of AC current up to 3000 A, significantly improving the performance of tests on busbars or industrial switchgears. The current probe connects to the meter with a 170 cm long test lead. This makes the CMP-3000 able to work away from live parts. The user can keep a greater distance and control the meter with the Sonel Multimeter Mobile application. It provides communication with the meter via Bluetooth. With its help, you can use the CMP-3000 as a recorder, and in addition, observe parameters, save results, create reports or remotely control special functions – e.g. INRUSH current measurement. The meter’s hard clamp has been designed to facilitate testing in hard-to-reach and tight places. In the characteristic protrusion on the top of the jaws there is a non-contac voltage indicator – just bring it near the wire and watch if the LED diode informing about voltage detection lights up. In response to the needs of our users, the device has provided a number of facilities. The CMP3000 has been equipped with a flashlight illuminating the measurement place, as well as a rubber casing increasing grip reliability and mechanical strength. The professionalism of the set is emphasized by the unique carrying case that holds the meter and its equipment.